ORSOFT Master Data Workflow is an add-on solution to SAP ERP for workflow-based, quality-assured master data maintenance. The main purpose of this solution is to support and control the process of data collection, validation, checkup and release before the final object is created in SAP ERP. The tool focuses on the following functional and technical aspects.

Typical workplace of a master data manager with full functionality
Typical workplace of a master data manager with full functionality

Functional   Technical

Controlled process management

The process management concept provides continuous transparency.

  • Extensive supervisor role for process monitoring and controlling
  • Status information for each workflow
  • Visualization of delays and conflicts
  • Automatically sent notifications

Standard integration into SAP ERP

The solution is designed as an integrated add-on to SAP ERP. As a result there are the following technical possibilities:

  • Usage of SAP access and authorization concept
  • Consideration of original SAP check tables
  • Warranted quality and stability after release changes

Distinctive ease of use

Better data quality in a decreased time frame thru user-friendly and intuitive interfaces.

  • Well-arranged task list
  • Workload preview
  • Integration of meta data
  • Plausibility checks e.g. based on user-specific value tables
  • Automatic value assignment (via logic)
  • Mass changes in tabular lists

Flexible workflow design

All workflows are universally applicable and can be adjusted to customer needs by configuration.

  • Coordinated central/local data maintenance
  • Workflow processing by single users or a team of users
  • Support of sequential, parallel and conditional workflow steps incl. branching and loops
  • Usage of quality-assured templates

Available and planned object packages

Ready to use objects for single data and mass data processing:

  • Material
  • Bill of material
  • Customer
  • Vendor

Objects to come:

  • Resource / Work center / Capacity
  • Routing
  • Recipe, production versions

Additionally, ORSOFT supports:

  • Process consulting for master data management
  • Import/processing of big data

Extended role concept

Precise controlling of workload and content thru a customer adjustable user-role concept.

  • Dynamic role assignment to each user
  • Usage of user groups
  • Individually-controllable object field related to safety criteria
  • Clear task allocation

Further system-/process support

  • Integration to other data sources like systems, databases and files
  • System modeling support

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